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Mésange Gardien ! Blanc

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« During a biodiversity assessment conducted in our vineyard, an alert ornithologist crossed paths with charming great tits.

Our plateau of pebbles, being colonized by grape worms (vine pests), provides these tits with plenty to satisfy their voracious appetite (they are insectivorous in spring and summer)!

This makes them a valuable ally for us, to whom we offer lodging (in addition to food): we install birdhouses so they stay with us for a long time.

« Grape worms, stay hidden, the great tit leaves its nest!! » »


This mission is certainly worth a cuvée, without a doubt

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Product sold in cases of 6 bottles.

(Cellar price – per bottle: €9.50)


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Wine : Vin de France

Variety : Vermentino 80% Viognier 20%

Soil : Pebbles

Yeld : 70 hectolitres par ha

Vinification :

Night harvest of blended grape varieties, pomace maceration, gentle pressing, light settling. Fermentation at low temperature.

Aging : 2 to 4 years served at 12°C

Tasting notes : Brilliant color with green reflections. Nose of citrus fruits, white fruits. Fresh on the palate with a thirst-quenching lime finish

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Poids 10 kg


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