Château Font Barrièle


Located north of the Costières de Nimes appellation and south of the Côte du Rhône one, the domaine Château Font Barrièle is a link between Camargue, Provence and the Rhône valley. Lulled by the thermal mediterranean breezes which maintain the intensity of the fruits, this terroir benefits from the freshness and the protection of the Mistral that slows down their ripeness allowing them to fully develop.
The outarde canepière

Our symbol

Château Font Barrièle’s vines are located in the Natura 2000 protection zone of the little bustard. This bird which nests on the ground has found shelter in the domaine’s vines, where organic and biodynamic methods are used today. We are proud to know that nowadays this area hosts the largest couple’s population of this protected species in Europe!

château font barrièle

The Men

château font barrièle

The climate

In the country of two winds, the vines are cuddled by the Sea wind coming form the Mediterranean and the Mistral that runs on the Rhône. The rains, mostly winter’s ones, lead to a dry spring which protects from diseases. The vines grow under the Provence’s sun 300 days a year. The Mistral sanitizes the vines.

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